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Features of Nano materials

Many inherent features of the material itself may have substantial changes when the material particle <100nm ,which phenomenon is called “Nano Effect”,including:

1)      Micro size effect

A periodic destroy incurs to the material crystal alongside with the micro period of material particle, resulting in substantial changes of the photic, electric, magnetic, thermal and dynamic features of the material. This phenomenon is called “ micro size effect”

2)     Surface and interface effect

The surface areas is expanding quickly alongside with the micro period of materials particle. As same time ,the number of atoms and molecules on the surface are increasing a lot. The crystal environment of the atoms and molecules on the surface of particles  is different with that inside the particle. There is plenty of room in unsaturated status with power ability of chemical activities . Because of atoms on the surface are lack of electrons around, and new features are created. This phenomenon is called “Surface and interface effect”.

2)      Macro quantum channel effect

The distance between different energy levels becomes larger alongside with the decrease of particle size. A series of abnormal features completely different with the macro articles with show when the thermal energy, electric energy or magnetic energy is less than the average distance between energy levels. It is called the quantum size effect.